Region VIII Briefcase

NSH Symposium Summary

Summary of 2011 Symposium/Convention

Cincinnati, OH

 List of the Symposium/Convention Meeting Responsibilities for the Region Director:

                Region Directors/State Presidents Meeting

                First Time Attendee Welcome Reception

Strategic Planning/Budget Meeting

VIR and IHC Committee Meetings

                Region VIII Meeting

                Awards Banquet

                Board of Directors Meeting

                General Membership

                House of Delegates

                Post Board Meeting


NSH Strategic Goals met throughout the year include:

  • Expansion of educational opportunities, i.e. VIR, IHC, QC, Special Stains Forum, Hard Tissue one day series along with the Summer Symposium in Las Vegas.
  • Growth of the society mentor program, currently 20 mentors.  Learn more and sign up at
  • Increase of public awareness – formed alliances and participation with ASCP, CAP, USCAP, HPN, CCCLW, CLS, Joint Commission and the Histotechnology Professional Day.
  • A lobbyist presented an Advocacy seminar to the board which will be available to the legislative committee and permission will be asked to be put on the NSH website.
  • Under The Microscope, free weekly e-news brief is now available.  Sign up at

 Board of Directors Meeting:

Treasurer’s Report –

2010 Receipts – $1,843,043, Expenses – $1,780,081, Profit – $61,416   

2011 as of July 31, Receipts – $1,003,210, Expenses – $807,355

        Investment Status – $2,150,188 as of August 31, 2011

Membership Report-

Members – 3853 total; 175 are students and 541 are new members since Nov 1, 2010

Unfinished Business-

Career Video was reviewed for edits and then viewed by the Career Day students for comments before final approval.  The final version will be available on the NSH Website in October.

The Histotechnology Professionals Position Paper was approved in the post board and has been submitted as an editorial in the Journal of Histotechnology.

Committee Restructure Task Force submitted preliminary report and recommendations to the BOD.  The general concept was accepted by the BOD but more information needs to be gathered and defined before the BOD can make a good decision and bring it before the membership at the next HOD. The goal of the restructure is to look at committees and structures within those committees to support the committee business throughout the year.  It was sent back to the task force and recommendations will be reviewed throughout the year.

Reformatting of Policy & Procedure Manual was approved.  Currently, policies and procedures are combined in one format and are lengthy, difficult to read and manage.  There will be a new format for NSH Policies and a new format and content changes for the Procedure Manual.  Links will be provided on the website including archived documents.

New Business-

JOH Update:  Commemorative Magnets were produced again. Everything has gone well with the new JOH Publisher, Maney Publishing.  The JOH moved to online distribution and Maney featured us as the Journal of the month.  Hard copy JOH are still available.  There were 8 submissions in 2011, the same as last year.  Now that we have changed publishers we need to focus on marketing and soliciting more articles to fill our journal.

 Committee Liaison Reports-

  • Awards – Kerry & Andi – Epitomics will provide a new award next year.  One Thermo educational scholarship was dropped.  We get a number of applications that are not eligible due to missing information.  Ventana scholarships are for anyone who needs money to learn about IHC.
  • Budget & Finance – Rae & Diane –Diane and Rae both attended the budget and finance meeting. It went really well this year.  One thing that Mary said would be useful is to have read only access to the financials. Carrie said they did convert the server to do that.
  • Continuing Education – Sharon – spoke with Rick a few times, as the task force pointed out, a lot of the responsibility has gone to the home office. Rick hoped to go sit in on new workshops.
  • Convention – Jan talked with Joanna, no problems.
  • Education – Jerry talked with Christa –There has been updates to the self-assessments; new book this year #15 on EM by Frieda Carson, and new undated images to Pigments and Carbohydrates.
  • Hard Tissue – Diane- Excitement for the forum.  The attendance was low but that is not the only sign of success. The program was well organized and each presentation built upon the previous.
  • Health & Safety – Ann contacted Maureen and attended the meeting. They have a nice pamphlet and handouts. They wanted to know Canada Safety rules. Ann is getting more information for Maureen so that she can have it next year at the SC
  • Immunohistochemistry – Kathy- Joe has many goals; set up the new “Block” web community, develop a web based education system for IHC, revisions of self-assessments and expanding the IHC forum to two days. 
  • Journal of Histotechnology – Diane- The online version is working well, unless a member’s company blocks it.  Janet mentioned that we may need to tell the membership that when they work for hospitals/corporations, they may need to use their home address for NSH rather than work to make sure it’s not blocked.
  • Legislation – Beth- Colleen is working with office so the legislative tab is easier to locate on the website.  She does have a legislative group on facebook.
  • Membership – Janet- Barbara and Brenda have done wonderful things with the mentoring program. Janet thinks the mentoring program is good, and we may want to look at expanding to include BOD and past BOD. This could help new BOD members.
  • NSH In Action – Carol – no update.
  • Public Relations – Jennifer said Paul was mostly focused on mentoring. The new booth design was popular.  The PR committee is looking forward to potentially becoming more involved with activities such as HPD and member recruitment.
  • Quality Control –Carol- goals include helping to write standards, specifically for IHC.  Bill did submit a teleconference on Quality Control for free, supported by Sakura and Advance.  Janet mentioned that we need to be careful of allowing committees to create “standards”. Those would need to be approved by the BOD
  • VIR – Andi- attended the forum and helped at first time attendee’s reception and at the committee booth.   The VIR application lists areas of expertise of the members so Judi can pull from this later.  Her goals include an animal IHC event. The 2012 VIR forum is going back to Bethesda.

 Appointed Positions – Updates

  • ASCP Board of Certification – Marilyn Gamble – Lena will be taking over this position. She’s looking forward to the opportunity.
  • Biological Stain Commission – Donna Harclerode
  • CCCLW – Jan Gardner – Went to Chicago for the December meeting. Person from HRSA was to come for the meeting but was delayed due to a snowstorm. They focused on tasks that the committee is trying to complete. March meeting was announced the week before. The flight was over $700 and Jan didn’t attend. The meeting in September was on Monday of the S/C so Jan was unable to attend.
  • CLSI – Janet Kliethermes
  • Health Professions Network – Lena Spencer/Jennifer Burch: HPN is working with Department of labor. We are trying to come up with competency lists for allied health professions. They have asked us if we wanted to be experts. If we partner with them as an organization, we will receive recognition with them on the document within the department of Labor. Lena is stepping down and Jennifer will represent the HPN at the next meeting and moving forward.
  • Historian – Skip Brown
  • Histo QIP – Janet Tunnicliffe 2012- Biopsy program is going to be updated. Janet has already forwarded the info to Carrie and it’s already on the website. Numbers are increasing. CAP is very happy with the project.
  • Joint Commission PTAC – Jan Gardner/Jean Mitchell – two teleconferences, there was a July meeting. The meeting was only one evening so it wasn’t worth it to travel there. We’ve made our introduction and they are aware that we are ready to help in any way that we can. They have set up standards for the labs.
  • NAACLS – Jennifer MacDonald
  • NSH In Action Editor – Janet Dapson
  • Teleconference Coordinator – Peggy Wenk

 Affiliate Organizations – Updates                           

  • CAP – didn’t attend this year due to S/C conflict
  • ASCP – October
  • AALAS- October
  • State Societies – they enjoy having NSH presence. Is a time when our office staff is not so overworked by running the S/C that they can have in depth discussions with members

 CAP/NSH block/slide labeling Collaboration– Vinnie is co chair with Dr. Brown. They are waiting on the final agreement for us to sign.  Janet, Jerry and Beth are also on the committee.  CAP wants to develop a specific standard for what should be required for labeling.  Janet added that Histo QIP had already started to examine the pre-analytical process. Rather than form a separate committee, the HistoQIP committee members and existing data were shared with this initiative.

 O*NET update– Kim Simmons and Liz Chlipala are gathering lists of topics and various functions/areas histologists work in so questions can be designed for the O*NET survey.  The survey will not include salary, benefits or compensation.

HistoQIP Committee Member Appointment Method– The selection process of the members of the HistoQIP Committee was approved by the board to change from BOD election to appointment by the President, with the selection being made from members found to be qualified by the current HistoQIP Committee. 

HistoQIP Committee Member Appointment Eligibility– The term of appointment to the HistoQIP committee was approved by the board to be six years with a break of two years before a qualified member can be considered for re-appointment.

Student Membership– The board approved NSH offer complimentary membership to students enrolled in a NAACLS or Canadian accredited histology program.

Post Board Meeting:

New Business

Check Co-signature Limit– The amount required for single signature limit was raised to $10,000. 

 Staffing– A general administrative staff position will be added to the NSH office.


Volunteer Management– The motion was withdrawn since there was no consensus on the topic.

Budget– The 2012 budget was adopted as presented by the committee and as amended by the Board of Directors.

Awards and Scholarships– Discussion only: Review of Regional Scholarships to help pay for meetings at the state level.  Consider offering a few scholarships to membership at large for attending the SC or Summer Symposium.  There is also interest in having an award for excellence provided by NSH instead of a Vendor.  There could be a possible conflict of interest with the vendors.  What about a Chuck Churukian award?  We will need to carefully establish criteria for possible new awards.

NSH Flag– Discussion only:  Legislation Committee feels that NSH should have our own flag that represents its members as one united international profession.   The board suggests the legislative committee design its own flag for their booth which would include the NSH logo.

The 38th Symposium/Convention will be in Vancouver, B.C. September 28th to October 3rd, 2012.  It’s time to get your passport or your passport renewed!

Respectfully submitted,

Kathy Rohrbach

Region VIII Director



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